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Swagger Leather

Made, sourced & sold right here in Australia.

Our Vision

Swagger is the new generation of Australian handcrafted luxury. Known for our high quality products and ethical practices. From farm to arm, Australians wear swagger with pride.

Our Pledge

Don’t confuse our leather bags with the over-processed and duplicated automotive leather in your car (or anything stamped “genuine leather”). When you’re working with such high level hides, no two are the same.

Our Promise

Trusted Craftmanship -Dedicated to creating the highest quailty from the first stitch to the last
Locally Sourced
-Pride ourselves on supporting local tanneries as well as keeping all production in Australia.

Featured Leather Bag

The award winning travel companion.

Travel Bag

The Travel Bag is a reflection of how much the Swagger brand means to us. Every thought, every detail, every purpose… with SWAGGER

Lifetime warranty on all our leather bags

Luxury should last a lifetime

Swaggers commitment to excellence is unparalleled to the competition. The next generation will still be wearing these Swagger collections. Our leather bags are made with the highest quality materials and extreme attention to detail in craftsmanship, Luxury is in every stitch.

The Sisters

The sisters are the perfect introductions to luxury leather handbags. Each sister is designed to seamlessly transition from day to night.  All you need to decide is are you a big sister or a little sister?

The Only Tote You Will Ever Want

Swagger Tote is dripping with Luxury. If you are someone who is needing to carry more than the basics but still want to elevate your look, this is your new leather bag.

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