leather handbags made right here in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Pledge

At Swagger it is our pledge to honour the animal by including any characteristics into the design of your item. This can include branding marks, stretch marks or bug bites.
Don’t confuse our leather handbags with the over-processed and duplicated automotive leather in your car (or anything stamped “genuine leather”). When you’re working with such high level hides, no two are the same.

Our Vision

Swagger is the new generation of Australian handcrafted luxury leather handbags. Known for our high quality products and ethical practices. From farm to arm, Australians wear swagger with pride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Support Local?

We hand pick our leather from local tanneries.

We hire local workers and support local communities.

From supporting your local farmers, feed suppliers, truck drivers and tanneries. Not to mention local communities that also relish in the bounty.

There is nothing more Australian you can do right now, then to CARRY A SWAGGER BAG.

What Sets You Apart?

Quality is everything to us

  • First and foremost is quality control. Manufacturing plants overseas just CAN NOT produce an item that we would put our name on.
  • To select each piece of leather by hand is undeniably what sets us apart from mass produced imported bags.

Do You Ship Everywhere?

Yes, We can get a Swagger bag to anywhere you are!

Can You Customize My Bag?

Ofcourse, you will find multiple options to choose from when purchasing a bag with us. Of course of leather all the way down to the hardware.

Start your custom Piece

Create something that is completely unique to you. We work with you to make your perfect bag.